We are a tourism and community development company established with investments from the local tourism industry.
Through the promotion of tourism, we strive to create a “Town of Highland and Lake” that is loved by everyone.
Lake Tateshina is an agricultural reservoir created in 1952. Its circumference is about 1.2km. It is a simple and very small lake. However, we believed that it would become a valuable door to the forest that connects people with nature. The tourism complex “Tateshina BASE”, which opened this spring on the shore of the lake, is a gateway to the forest (nature). It is our sincere wish that you have a pleasant time in our comfortable atmosphere.

Kaette Kita Tateshina Co., Ltd. Representative Koji Yazaki

Company profile

Company name Kaette Kita Tateshina Co., Ltd.
Name of facility Tateshina BASE (“Tateshina BASE” is a registered trademark)
Representative Koji Yazaki
May, 2017
Capital ¥11,200,000
Description of business Regional revitalization, planning and operation of tourism promotion measures
Management and use of real estate
Planning of events and seminars
Management of restaurants, shops, and accommodation facilities
Publications: Travel planning, etc.
Address 4035-2896 Kitayama, Chino City , Nagano 391-0301
Phone +81-266-67-2221