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Recommended spots from the tourist association

Lake Tateshina
This is an artificial lake that was completed in 1952 (Showa 27) to provide hot water to agricultural land. Supplying agricultural water to approximately 400 hectares of farmland at the western foot of Mt. Yatsugatake. Because it is located in the center of Tateshina Kogen, it is a gateway to tourism and a place of relaxation where many people gather. Circumference approximately 1.2 km. Altitude 1250 meters. The lake is surrounded by larch, birch and maple trees. You can enjoy boating, SUP, canoeing, and fishing on the lake, as well as walking around the lake, jogging, and cycling. Lake Tateshina is, so to speak, a "forest jewel" that connects nature and people.
[Address] Kitayama, Chino City, Nagano Prefecture
Tateshina Waterfall
About 12 meters drop. A small but elegant waterfall. The promenade leading to the waterfall is a primeval forest covered with moss. It is full of mysterious atmosphere. In 2008, the Yatsugatake Moss Forest was designated as "Japan's Precious Moss Forest" by the Department of Mosses of Japan. During the green season, it is a walking path where you can enjoy taking pictures of the waterfall and the forest at the same time, and it is also a photo spot for Instagram and other purposes. On the other hand, in winter, from around the end of January, ice and ice sculpture-like scenery will appear. About 15 minutes on foot from the parking lot of Pool Taira.
[Address] 4062 Kitayama, Chino City, Nagano Prefecture
Kita-Yatsugatake Ropeway
You can enjoy the magnificent natural scenery of the Northern Alps. It takes about 7 minutes to travel from the foothill station, located at an altitude of approximately 1,800m, to the summit station at approximately 2,400m, using a 100-person capacity ropeway. From the summit, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Japan's beautiful mountains, including the Yatsugatake mountain range and the Southern Alps. Additionally, near the summit station, a natural garden known as "Tsuboniwa" spreads out, and you can view alpine plants while strolling for about 30–40 minutes. Different landscapes can be enjoyed depending on the season, and it is a particularly popular tourist spot during the fresh greenery of spring and the autumn foliage season. In winter, many tourists enjoy winter sports in combination with nearby ski resorts. Tateshina BASE is about a 20-minute drive away.
[Open] 8:00 a.m.~5:00 a.m.
[Address] 4035-2541, Kitayama, Chino City